What Are Bored Piles

What Are Bored Piles?

Bored piles or drilled shafts are concrete piling foundations that reinforce structures with hefty vertical loads. As a cast-in-place concrete pile, bored piling consists of piles being cast on the construction site.

Bored piles require deep foundations and are frequently used to construct large industrial complexes, tall buildings, and bridges.

The Process Of Bored Piling

The first stage of bored piling is drilling a vertical hole into the soil with the use of a bored piling machine. This machine can be equipped with various features such as buckets, grabs, and specific drilling tools to speed up the process. Bored pile foundations can reach depths of 60 metres and diameters of 2.4 metres.

After the hole is drilled, specialised steel rebar is built and placed into the hole which is then filled with concrete. To support the structure above, the top of the pile may be capped with a footing.

Bored piles are always constructed by bored piling contractors who are experts in the construction industry. It can be dangerous when done incorrectly, therefore, thorough knowledge and experience are needed during the bored pile construction process.

The Benefits Of Bored Piles

There are many advantages of using bored piles as opposed to conventional piles. For a start, bored pile foundations of different lengths can extend through swelling, compressible or soft soils into appropriate bearing material. This makes them a versatile option during the construction of buildings.

Furthermore, boring piling is still effective below frost penetration and seasonal moisture variation. Hence, it is not affected by adverse weather conditions which ensures construction projects are completed on time.

Finally, high-capacity caissons can be constructed with bored piles by enlarging the base of the pile of around three times the shaft diameter. As a result, caps are not needed for groups of numerous piles.

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