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Kisiel Piling offers a full design service for bearing piles, substructure foundation works and embedded retaining walls, including capping beams and propping.

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Our Solution

Kisiel offers a professional and efficient team of piling contractors to support the construction industry as well as private clients. Professional piling is essential to ensure any construction is built on solid foundations, to reduce and prevent the risk of possible ground movement.

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Our Experience

We have experience on a range of projects, including those where conditions can make the work challenging. All our contractors receive the best, most up to date, training to ensure work is carried out in the safest manner possible. Safety checks are also carried out regularly on all our machinery, to ensure all machines are functioning efficiently. We prioritise precision and detail in our work to ensure our clients are satisfied with our service and to ensure projects are completed by deadline, to budget and to the best level of safety possible.

Kisiel takes pride in our services and has a passion for what we do. We meticulously manage risks that may arise when constructing foundations. Perfection and precision are important to us and this is evident in our work.

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