Continuous Flight Auger

Continuous Flight Augering, also known as auger cast piling, is a technique used to created concrete piled foundations.

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Our Solution

CFA (continuous flight auger) piles are drilled and concreted in a single continuous operation, which allows a much faster installation process than bored piles. Reinforcement is added into wet concrete after casting which permits the pile to withstand the full range of structural loading. The process of CFA piling involves rotating a hollow stem continuous flight auger into the soil, to a certain depth, before concrete is then pumped through the hollow stem to fill the cylindrical cavity made by the auger, as the auger is gradually removed. The reinforcement cage is then set down through the freshly placed concrete.

CFA Uses

Common uses of CFA piles are: To provide structural support Prevent landslides and protect buildings already there. As well as providing earth retention Infrastructure projects - tunnelling, road/bridge construction.

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We offer comprehensive solutions to enable all work, from site hoarding to construction of the substructure foundations.

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Our contractors are trained to operate in specialist conditions that can make piling more difficult, for example when there is poor ground condition. They handle the job with the highest standards of quality and safety.

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Our team of piling contractors have worked on foundations and retaining walls for a range of clients. View our catalogue of work.

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