Rotary Bored Piling

Rotary piling can be used to support a structure where the highest load carrying capacity is required.

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RBP (rotary bored piling) involves a piling rig which uses specific drilling tools, such as augers and buckets, in order to remove soil and rock. These specially designed tools are used to bore into the ground continuously, which removes spoil. The pile is progressed until the desired depth is reached. This form of piling is used for large commercial and industrial sites, public buildings and transport infrastructure. The method includes screwing a temporary steel sleeve into the ground whilst an auger is used to dig out the inside of the casing. The reinforcement steel cage is then placed into the bore after the pile toe level has been reached. Concrete is then poured using a tremie-pipe which is when the steel casing can be removed.

Rotary piling uses

Rotary piling is typically used in dry stable soils. It is also is often used in locations such as factories and town centres where consistency is difficult, as is the supply of concrete. Some advantages of this form of piling is: It is suitable for all soil types creates minimal disturbance Ideal for retaining walls High production efficiency

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We offer comprehensive solutions to enable all work, from site hoarding to construction of the substructure foundations.

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Our contractors are trained to operate in specialist conditions that can make piling more difficult, for example when there is poor ground condition. They handle the job with the highest standards of quality and safety.

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Our team of piling contractors have worked on foundations and retaining walls for a range of clients. View our catalogue of work.

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