Driven Piles

Driven piles, also sometimes known as displacement piles, transfer load to soil or rock that has sufficient bearing capacity.

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Our Solution

Driven piles are a form of building foundation that provide support for structures, transferring their load to layers of soil and rock which have enough bearing capacity and appropriate settlement attributes. Driven piles are frequently used to support buildings, towers, walls and bridges and are the most cost effective process.

The Process

A driven pile is a long, thin column made of preformed material with an established shape and size which can be installed with the action of hammering or vibration, to push it into the ground until it reaches the desired depth.

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Full package service

We offer comprehensive solutions to enable all work, from site hoarding to construction of the substructure foundations.

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Attentive risk management

Our contractors are trained to operate in specialist conditions that can make piling more difficult, for example when there is poor ground condition. They handle the job with the highest standards of quality and safety.

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Experienced piling contractors

Our team of piling contractors have worked on foundations and retaining walls for a range of clients. View our catalogue of work.

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