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Kisiel Piling is a national piling contractor that offer design and build piling services for the construction of CFA, Rotary, Limited Access, Steel bearing pile, sub-structure foundations and embedded retaining walls. We are passionate about providing excellent customer service driven by a corporate culture that is focussed on collaborative working.

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Piling Techniques

    CFA Piling

  • Continuous Flight Auger or CFA piling constructs the piles using a long, continuous auger. One pile design depth is reached, concrete is pumped through the auger’s hollow stem as it is withdrawn leaving a column of concrete in place. The reinforcing cage is then plunged into the wet concrete to complete the pile.
  • Driven Steel Bearing Piles

  • Steel bearing piles are structural sections; circular tubes, “I” or “H” and are driven or vibrated into the ground to a pre-determined design depth. Where circular sections are used, these are often filled with steel reinforcement and concrete to enhance the pile’s structural capacity.
  • Steel Sheet Piling

  • Steel sheet piling is most often employed to form earth or water retaining structures. The piles driven into the ground either with percussion or vibration and where bands of stronger ground are present pre-augering can be employed to ensure the design depth is reached. The piles are connected by a pre-formed “clutch” that has a degree of water resistance that can be enhanced by using a clutch sealant or by welding.

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Piling Techniques


Rotary Bored Piling

Rotary piling uses a short auger or drilling bucket fitted to a telescopic Kelly bar. The auger is drilled into the ground filling the space between the auger flights and lifted out of the pile bore to “spin-off” the soil into a spoil heap. The auger is then inserted back into the pile bore and the process repeated until the design pile depth is reached. Reinforcement is then placed into the open bore and concrete placed into the centre of the pile through a length of trunking or a tremie pipe until the pile is completed.

Limited Access Piling

Limited Access Piling is used to construct CFA and Rotary bored piles in limited access or headroom. Where the CFA technique is employed the augers short lengths of auger are coupled together to form a continuous auger string in the pile shaft. As with conventional CFA concrete or sometimes grout is pumped through the hollow stem of the augers as they are withdrawn from the pile. Reinforcement is placed into the wet concrete/grout to complete the pile.

Full Design and Construct Package

Kisiel Piling offers a full design service for bearing piles, substructure foundation works and embedded retaining walls, including capping beams and propping. Our early involvement in your project will minimise risk and cost for the construction of your sub-structure foundations.

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Full range of piling techniques

Whatever the size of your construction project, or the ground conditions that are present on your site, Kisiel Piling can offer an effective and cost-efficient solution for your foundations.

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Skills and experience

At Kisiel Piling we employ team leaders with many years of experience in the construction of piles and sub-structure foundations. All our team members have a high level of skill and competence to carry out their respective tasks and receive regular training to ensure those skills are constantly being improved.

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Our Piling Process


Contact us and tell us about your project and how you would like us to help you deliver a successful project to you and to your customer.


We will review the information you provide and prepare a detailed tender for the scope of work that you have asked us to complete.


Our tender will form the basis for further discussions and possibly meetings to consider changes to the project design and/or program that may affect our work. Working closely with you we will develop our tender to address any changes and minimise the risk and costs of our works.


Once the full scope and program for our work is agreed, we will program the start date and begin preparing any design and pre-construction documentation in readiness for our start on site.


During the construction phase, we will work closely with your team and other contractors on the site to ensure a safe and efficient completion of our work.

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