The different types of piling techniques

Piling rigs are an important element of any engineer’s tools. Piling is used to secure the foundations on a site before construction begins. Remember, a building (or any infrastructure) requires solid foundations, otherwise, disaster awaits. With the right rigs and techniques, you can ensure the safety of a project. So, what are the different types of techniques to lay foundations? Drive pile With this technique, steel, timber, and concrete are used to drive piles into the ground and create the foundation base. Piling rigs are used to drive the foundations; piles are drilled into the soil with a hammer. The soil then becomes solid which improves the density and allows the site to bear the load.

Combine pile

A steel shell is driven into the ground as soil. Concrete is then poured into the shell to establish and secure foundations. This is a standard method used in construction, particularly in or around water. Having the right piling rigs are a necessity to ensure the safety of the contractors and establish the foundations.


There are many types of piling rigs to use, and the right ones must be used to secure the foundations. One of the more popular techniques available today is the end-bearing pile technique. The piles sit on a solid rock or soil foundation and the heavy load (of the building above) will rest on the rock or strong layer below. Using the right piling rigs for this type of piling is crucial.

Cast-in-situ piles

Concrete piles are used to establish the foundations. Holes are drilled into the ground and steel is added as reinforcements. Concrete is then used to fill the holes and create a strong base for construction. Again, it’s necessary to use the appropriate piling rigs to ensure success and safety.

Friction piles

Cylindrical piles are used with this technique. The piles will transfer the weight of the building above to the soil and will support the load directly. This method can be tailored to your specific requirements. The piling rigs will make life easier and ensure stability.

Use the right techniques for your project

Establishing solid foundations is a necessity to ensure the safety and success of a project. Foundations are the heart of a building, whether it’s a family home, commercial building, or another property entirely. The weight load of a building can take its toll and without the right foundations behind it, disaster looms. Using the right piling techniques can be crucial and are so important in the construction industry too. You need to use the right piling rigs and ensure things are done safely.

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