Types of piling and their uses

Types of piling and their uses

Piled foundations are usually used to transfer the loads from structures to stiff soil and rock at depth, to increase the effective size of a foundation and to resist the horizontal load. As pile foundations are responsible for carrying a large load, they must be designed carefully, to ensure they are sufficiently strong. There is a wide range of piling methods available, to suit the many possible soil types and applications needed. Some of those methods include:

End bearing piles

End-bearing piles involve the bottom end of the pile resting on a layer of strong soil or rock. The load of the building is transferred through the pile, into this strong layer. With end-bearing piles, it is essential that the bottom of a pile sits on the intersection of a weak and strong layer. The pile will bypass the weak soil layer, instead transferring its load to the strong layer of soil below.

Driven piles

Driven piles, also known as displacement piles, are used when building foundations for buildings, tanks, towers, walls and bridges. They can be the most cost-effective deep foundation solution, in a wide range of instances. Driven piles can also be used in embankments, retaining walls and bulkheads.

Bored piles

Bored piles, also sometimes known as replacement piles, are a widely-used type of building foundation that can provide support for structures by transferring their load into the layers of soil and rock below the building. Bored piles involve the removal of spoil forming a hole for a reinforced concrete pile to be poured in situ. Bored piles are popular in urban areas as there is minimal vibration. They are also used in difficult-access situations, where headroom is limited.

Screw piles

Screw pile foundations rely on a helix near the pile toe, so that the piles can be screwed into the ground. The process is similar to that of screwing into wood. A screw pile can have more than one helix, depending on the usage and the ground conditions of the foundations. At Kisiel Piling we can offer a range of piling methods to suit any building requirements or ground conditions. If you would like to hear more about our offering, just get in touch.

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