Piling Contractors In Sussex

Kisiel Piling provide piling contractors in Sussex who specialise in a large array of construction tasks such as building sub-structure beams, pile caps, slabs and installing drainage. 

Our piling contractors are motivated to provide the best customer service. They are passionate about creating a corporate culture that improves teamwork, cohesion and performance.

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Our Piling Construction Techniques

At Kisiel Piling, our piling contractors use a variety of techniques to complete a range of projects around Sussex. Here are some of their methods:

  • Load take-down
  • Pile layout design
  • Reinforcement of concrete sub structure
  • Drilling different geological strata
  • Environmental considerations

As part of our package, our piling contractors offer a well-rounded service that takes into account all the necessary piling construction practices. Our team is rigorous in their approach and does everything possible to meet the required standards. Not to mention, undertaking regular training that relates to their individual role.

Our Piling Construction Process

  1. Contact our piling construction company to tell us about your project in Sussex.

  1. We will analyze the information that you give us and write a comprehensive outline on the service you need.

  1. The report we generate forms the foundation for further meetings to take into account extra details that may affect our approach. We will work together to develop a report that reflects your requirements while reducing costs.

  1. Once everything is agreed, we will issue a start date and assign piling contractors to make a start on your site in Sussex. Not to mention, formulating any design and pre-construction documentation.

  1. During the construction phase, our piling contractors will work closely with your contractor and team to ensure the safe and efficient completion of our work.

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Full package service

We offer comprehensive solutions to enable all work, from site hoarding to construction of the substructure foundations.

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Attentive risk management

Our contractors are trained to operate in specialist conditions that can make piling more difficult, for example when there is poor ground condition. They handle the job with the highest standards of quality and safety.

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Experienced piling contractors

Our team of piling contractors have worked on foundations and retaining walls for a range of clients. View our catalogue of work.

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